Monday, February 26, 2007

Wealth of Knowledge

As Tim and I were driving to Blacksburg for a race this Saturday we had a conversation about BenGay. You know the magic cream you use for aches and pains. That discussion had me wondering, during the run mind you, where that name came from. I did some research and came across the only explanation that made any sense.

You see BenGay is named for the Trojan Hairdresser Benthropius Gaywadacus. He was the last person to see the great Greek warrior Achilles alive. It was said that Benthropius Gaywadacus used a salve that was made of cream, berries, and eucalyptus leaves. He had originally used this cream onthe feet of Trojan soldiers returning from battle to soothe their aching feet. He used this salve to try to treat Achilles' injury. An arrow in the back of the ankle. The only place his mother did not dip into the river Styx. The Band was later named after the river. Benthropius was not successful in saving his life , but it was said that it offered Achilles some much needed relief. And to honor him the famous cream was named Ben Gay. Now you may chose not to believe this story, but first you have to trust the source.

Now do you believe!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Ice Baby! Da-da, Da-da, Da-Da-Da-Da!

Most of us awoke this morning expecting to see a lot of Ice. This storm lasted about as long and had just as much impact as the career of the gentleman pictured to the left. Now we are left with forty mph winds. My running will take place on the treadmill tonight. Followed by some core strengthening exercises. My new routine will take me through mid April. This is combat injuries, lose about 10lbs, and prepare to start training for the 2007 Marine Corp Marathon.

This will be my second marathon. It will my friend Tim's first. We will be training together as well as funding raising together. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be the benefactor. We do have plans for a golf tournament(details to follow).

In case you we wondering this will the fifth week in a row that I have failed to earn any money in the Long Branch Golf Pool. Freddie decided not to play this week. He must be resting up for the Champion's Tour. I'm happy for him. is Valentine's Day. And no better time to mention my wife in my new blog than today. In November 2005 I asked her to marry me. She said yes. DUH. So in the spirit of romance I would like to share the view we had that night. Happy Valentine's Day Tammy! I love You! I told you I would work you in somehow when you did not expect it.

View from the top of Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Oh Mexico.

Today was a little cool. There was the temperature, 33 degrees. There was the wind, 30mph gusts. And there was the season, winter. I wish I was back in Mexico. Pictured here at Pamilla, in Cabo San Lucas. Standing on the par five tee over looking the Sea of Cortez it was quite warm. Unlike today when Rico and I walked nine holes at Countryside Golf Course. My friend Tim chose to run 10 miles today. I am taking a week or so off running longer distances. This is to combat shin splints.

I really do not know what makes us do these things on days like today. I wonder what conversations people are having in their cars as they pass us on I-81, or Tim on Jefferson Avenue. What else were we going to do? Watch TV? Do chores? Boring! We chose wind burn and possible pneumonia! I feel good about that decision being that I won our match 2up.

I still would have rather tee'd it up in Cabo, caught a $30.oo cab ride back to the resort, and laid at the pool drinking beer the rest of the day. Maybe next year!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Long Branch Golf Pool

Okay......It seems that for some freaking reason I cannot pick a player that will either show up, or make the cut in a PGA event this year. I am currently in a golf pool in which I had to pick a player in thirty events on the PGA Tour Schedule this year. I could only pick them once, and I could not pick the winner of last year's event. Except for in the Majors. So I chose Carl Leonard in the Countryside Club Championship! (inside joke)

The results are based on the total amount of money the players win. I have zero $ this year so far after two events. My guy this week is four over. For those of you who do not know golf, this guy is not good! Did he stop and do an upside down keg hit at 16? I don't understand. I will have to get my sister Monica to put some heat on him. She will be at FBR Open in Scottsdale, Arizona tomorrow. I told her to look for the white guy wearing the baseball cap. That should narrow the field.

I don't want to mention any names, but if Scott Verplank can't break par tomorrow that means that I have to visit Arizona again, play the TPC, beat his score, then go to his blog, and tell him he sucks. Maybe Scott should untuck his shirt, swear a bit more, and try to make more birdies. I've played TPC courses before. How hard can they be?
Apologies to Bob Williams. He blindly trusted me to pick these guys. Just wait for our win streak! It's just around the dogleg!