Thursday, April 26, 2007

Round Two

This past weekend's weather was a little better for rock hunting. I also had help. Tammy, Savannah, and myself drove to the South Prong area of Barbour's Creek in Craig County. The temperature was in the mid 70's. Forty degrees different from my previous journey to my favorite rock store.

It also didn't take as long to fill up with a driver to follow me along to way. We made a few stops to let Savannah run through the creek. She'll be laying in the one I am building. She already goes out and sits in the holes I have dug.

This load should do it. I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my pump and liner. I still have to run electrical and attach plumbing. The last step is cosmetic. I hope to have it completed by Memorial Day weekend. My sister Monica is flying me out to Phoenix for a golf weekend.

Rebuilding the deck is scheduled for June. Just in time for Summer cookouts!

Monday, April 9, 2007


Saturday was not a typical day in April. It was cold and in New Castle, VA it was snowing for a good part of the morning. I used this non golfing day to go rock hunting in the Jefferson National Forest. I drove Tub Run Trail ( 15 mile fire road ) stopping ever so often to pick up rocks for my waterfall project. I only saw one other person. It was a park ranger! But I was in between stops and just started my covert project. It took about two hours to get what I could and what I thought my truck could handle. And after a couple of red eyes, letting Savannah run around the creeks, and attempting to throw my back out I came home and unloaded my bounty. To my surprise I will need more. I may not push my luck again. I might just break down and buy a half ton of rock at the other rock store. I believe that I saved about $250.00 with my trip to Craig County. Every little bit helps with a tight budget and still with the deck to do. I love it when a plan comes together.

The railing on the deck it going to be removed and replaced with steps. An Infinity Deck!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Masters

This is a great week! Masters week is upon us. Azaleas, green grass, white sand, and dark water. I have made one trip to the tournament in the mid 90's. I would love to make it back. I could always try to get tickets and I have a few people that have access every year. But the ultimate ticket is the dream of playing into the Masters.
The US Public Links Championship winner gets an invite. I have played in three qualifying events and I am playing yet again this year at Bryan Park, NC. It is a 36 hole event and if you are in the top four you get to go to the Championship. You then have to play 36 holes stroke play. If you make that cut you play matches. You need to win five 18 hole matches and a 36 hole final match to play in the Masters. That is the Dream! It's not every week you get to say that you are playing in a golf tournament that could qualify you to play in The Masters!
The qualifier is Jun 18th. I need a caddy! Any takers?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Projects!

I have started an outdoor project. This is bound to occupy many hours of my time and energy this spring. What you see is the beginning of a pond less waterfall and stream. There will be many updates and pictures to chart the progress. I cannot wait until it is finished. I did forget to take the before picture though. Lots of juniper was laying around dying and I had the stones around the trees formed into a retaining wall. I am also going to open my deck to stairs along the side facing the water feature, get rid of the hot tub to make room for lounging furniture, and light up the area with low voltage lights. Anyone know someone who needs a loan? I need to also pay for all of this. Wish me luck.